Amore Packaging “Celebrate”

Big Ears Audio is excited to have created the original music for Amcor’s launch of their new logo. The commercial celebrates all the different ways we use Amcor products in our everyday lives. Beautifully filmed, the commercial features people from all walks of life using Amcor products in innovative ways. From a mother using an Amcor diaper to line her baby’s crib, to a young girl using an Amcor lunch box to create a makeshift kite, the commercial showcases the many ways Amcor products make our lives better. With an original score by Big Ears Audio, the commercial is sure to make a lasting impression on viewers. We are honored to have played a part in celebrating Amcor’s new logo and we look forward to continued success with them in the future.

Music Composition ,

Music Production ,

  • Talent and Voice Casting ,
  • Sound mix