BMW Efficient Dynamics

During the last few years, BMW Efficient Dynamics has introduced a large number of technical solutions into vehicles in order to reduce consumption. However, you the vehicle user also represent a key influential factor. By adopting an efficient driving style you can make fuel savings of up to 25%, depending on the route and traffic situation. This rule of thumb applies to not only diesel and petrol models but also to vehicles with electric, hybrid or hydrogen drives. As an owner of an electric car or plug-in hybrid, you can increase the electric range of your vehicle by up to 30% in this way.

Big Ears Audio was commissioned to create the music and sound mix for BMW’s Launch film of the efficient dynamic s engines. The original music and sound design helped to set the tone and atmosphere for the film, making it more engaging and exciting for viewers. The sound mix was also integral in making sure that viewers could hear and understand all of the important information in the film. As a result, Big Ears Audio helped to make the Launch film a success.

  • Voice-over Production ,
  • Sound Design ,
  • Music Composition ,
  • Sound mix