Hairhouse Warehouse TVC

Original music can make or break a TVC. It can be the difference between a cool, edgy advert that stands out from the rest, and a forgettable one that blends into the background noise. That’s why Hairhouse Warehouse chose to work with Big Ears Audio on their new TVC. They knew that Big Ears Audio would be able to create a soulful sound track that would make their advert shine. And that’s exactly what they did. With a great groovy bass line and amazing female vocal, the TVC sounds cool and differentiates itself from all the other adverts on TV. Hairhouse Warehouse are sure to turn heads with this advert, all thanks to the original music from Big Ears Audio.

  • Original Music Composition ,
  • Music Production, Sound Mix and Mastering
  • Talent Casting for Hairhouse Warehouse
  • created by Big Ears Audio