Meta Runner 10 Part Animation Series

Sound Design , Foley and Sound Mix for 10 episodes

The story

In a world where video games, speedrunning & esports are everything, a cyborg girl named Tari finds herself in the crosshairs of world class Meta Runners as she discovers she has the uncanny ability to warp into video games… Meta Runner is our new animated web series that has been in the works for over a year! Season 1

Sound is a vital element of any video production, and that is especially true for animated projects. In order to create a fully immersive experience for viewers, it is essential to have a rich and detailed soundscape. For the new animated web series Meta Runner, Big Ears Audio created the sound design to create a unique sound mix for each of the 10 episodes. In addition to the music and sound effects,Big Ears Audio also created a series of Foley sounds, which are recorded sounds that imitate the actions taking place on screen. For example, the Foley artist might record themselves running in place to create the sound of someone sprinting across a virtual finish line. By layering all of these different elements together, the Big Ears Audio  created an engaging and believable world for the characters to inhabit.  Meta Runner is now one of the most polished and professional-sounding animated series on YouTube.