Real Littles

Big Ears Audio created the sound mix for Moose Toys TVC’s

Creating a sound mix for a TVC is a fascinating process that involves combining various elements to bring the visuals to life through sound.

 First and foremost we had understand the story and mood of the TVC. This understanding guided our decisions throughout the sound mixing process

 We started with the dialogue We ensured that the voices of the voice over artists are clear and well-balanced. 

We added and sourced out sound effects to enhance and to bring the vision to life.

 We enhanced  what was happening  as well as adding our own unique touch.

Then we would lay up the music.The music should enhance emotions and emphasise key moments.We ensured  that the music levels are balanced with the dialogue and sound effects, so it doesn’t overpower the other elements.

 Finally, we delivered the completed sound mix in the required formats