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Recording Studio Melbourne

Big Ears Audio’s recording studio, nestled in the bay-side suburb of St Kilda, Melbourne and only steps away from bustling Chapel Street the studio is both convenient to access by car or public transport, with Windsor Station (Sandringham line via Flinders Street) and trams just 400 metres away. If you’re driving in, there’s free on-street parking available from 1 to 4 hours If organised, prior the studio can accommodate on-site parking, which is great for those long sessions, giving you peace of mind.

Our recording studios are designed with utmost comfort and advanced, precise sound in mind, this purpose built studio is a sound engineer’s dream, crafted by acoustic architect Dave Flett, who has built and designed many high-end recording studios Australia wide . It contains two distinct sections each with its own capabilities

Studio 1

Studio 1 is the heart of the studio space is truly a magical place. It has been carefully crafted to ensure the most accurate and natural sounding mix. Our sound engineers make sure the speakers are in perfect calibration, ensuring accurate and detailed playback. If you choose to be part of the creative process and join us in the studio, our engineers are more than happy to take the time to discuss and demonstrate the process with you. In Studio 1 we make it our goal to create a quality product. We work diligently to give you a final product that’s true to your vision and sounds perfect. And, regardless of whether you’re physically in the studio or tuning in remotely, you can rest assured you’re getting a first-rate experience every time.

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Source Connect

Studio 1 is fully equipped with Source Connect. So what is Source Connect? Its technology allows the transmission, in real-time, of very high-quality audio from recording studios in one location to another via a high-speed internet connection. As such, it allows a commercial studio to receive and record the microphone feed of another studio in a different location. This is typically used when a voice actor can’t come to the commercial studio in person. There is no compromise in sound quality.

So if you booked a job that was meant to be recorded in New York, but you were in Melbourne, the client can now book you into a studio in Melbourne so that the studio in New York can connect to it (via the SC app that both studios had). This way, the producer or client in New York could record you as if you were in their studio, in person. The technology is quite amazing: you talk into a microphone in Melbourne, the high-quality audio signal gets transmitted via the internet, and the New York studio receives and records the performance as if you were talking into one of their microphones. The studio in New York has full control of your mic feed. In the voice over industry, we call this “recording remotely”. All sessions produce high-quality recordings

An example of the sound production that has come out of our recording studio, Voice Overs, sound mixes, sound design and music composition can be found on our home page

Studio 2

Studio 2, which houses both the vocal booth and production studio, each independent and capable of working in tandem. Both studios are fitted with screens, ideal if you’re requiring ADR for a TVC, film or television series. It’s also where all the music composition is created with a large array of electronic and acoustic instruments and other studio gear.

At Big Ears Audio, we are experts at writing and producing music for advertising and film. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or this is your first time in a recording studio our sound engineer and music producer will guide you through the whole recording process.

We explore effective composition techniques for scoring to picture, and composing music with or without lyrics to create memorable hooks that capture the tone and feel. The recording space is fully soundproof and socially accurate and great for creating voice overs of any recording project, It’s the perfect haven for vocal recordings, solo artists, audio production and everything in between.

The soundproof atmosphere of Studio 2 ensures great voice recordings, so whatever recording project you’re working on, you know you’re in great hands. And if you’re wanting to record a podcast with multiple guests, the large space has plenty of room to accommodate 2 to 4 people at once.

As if that wasn’t enough, the interior is full of sound absorption and diffusion materials to provide the perfect acoustically balanced atmosphere. To top it off, the natural light creates a relaxed and enjoyable recording environment. The feeling of a peaceful, natural light flooding our recording studios is one that cannot be understated. Being able to look out the windows and be graced by the sun gives us a level of clarity that can often be hard to achieve in darker environments. The calming atmosphere created by natural light lets the talent truly relax and give their best performance, with creativity and inspiration often found in the same breath.

On top of all this, you can also enjoy expert guidance from our audio engineers, composers and producers. With cutting-edge technology and invaluable industry experience, you know you’re getting the best in a recording. Studio 2 offers everything you need from the pre-production process to the finished product.

Need a Break

As the warm sunlight spills into the cosy kitchenette/ break room, it sets the perfect atmosphere for a break between takes. Whether it be a morning coffee or an afternoon tea, the space provides a homely environment where one can take a break and relax. The large window overlooking the outdoor deck area creates an uplifting sense of open air and sunshine that calms the spirit and helps create an invigorating workspace. The kitchenette is not just perfect for coffee and tea breaks, but also for hosting small meetings with team members. As everyone sips on hot coffee and chats about their creative ideas, the uplifting atmosphere of the room creates an environment of productivity and inspiration that keeps the conversation energized.

The perfect place for both relaxation and inspiration.

At Big Ears Audio we know finding the perfect recording studio for your project can be an intimidating undertaking, especially if you make a mistake that turns out to be expensive. Our in-house producers will walk you through the production and recording process.

The ability and style of the engineer can have a large influence on the final outcome. A great engineer is not just somebody who knows how to operate the equipment and produce remarkable sound. It is someone with whom you should be at ease with, who understands what you are looking for and is comfortable with the whole recording process. At Big Ears Audio our sound engineers have many years of industry experience, so your next project is in safe and professional hands

The Team
Adrian Ricciotti

Adrian is a professional sound engineer whos been producing and recording music for more than 30 years. With a background in classical guitar and music from Adelaide University, he brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience to his projects. His commitment and attention to detail make him an ideal partner to collaborate with, whether in the studio or at the control desk. He takes pride in being able to make every project sound great, and his passion for music is infectious. No matter how difficult the project may be, Adrian always gives it his best, creating unique and interesting sounds that capture the attention of the audience.

Tony Lazzaro

For over 40 years, Tony has been producing and managing studios, all the while going above and beyond to make sure his clients are receiving the best experience. But that’s not all: Tony also brings an expertise in the craft of songwriting. As someone who has written countless tracks, Tony has an impressive understanding of rhythm and melody that has come with decades of experience in the music industry. With a vast amount of knowledge, Tony’s music and production skills provide the ultimate combination for creating amazing, professional sounds.


With a knack for creating magical and memorable music, Lazz is a composer and music producer whose knowledge and passion for sound have led to his many compositions for film, television, and radio. Working with the Big Ears Audio team, Lazz also keeps all their financial accounts in check, making sure they stay afloat. From capturing perfect harmonies to tracking accounting statements, this multitalented musician knows what it takes to deliver top-tier results. With years of experience behind him and his commitment to excellence.


The Melbourne recording studio known as Big Ears Audio respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners of this land, the people of the Kulin Nations. We pay our respect to their Elders, past and present. We acknowledge and uphold their continuing relationship with this land.