Music for Advertising and Film

Audio Branding Jingle CompositionThe Right Music is the Key to Memorable and Effective Advertising

At Big Ears Audio, we are experts at writing and producing music for advertising and film.

We explore effective composition techniques for scoring to picture, and composing music with or without lyrics to create memorable hooks that capture the tone and feel.

We have a great relationship with many talented, locally based musicians as well as experienced in-house composers. Our team understands that your audio branding needs to resonate with your demographic and every jingle needs to reflect the unique personality of your company. The categories involved in serving the promotional goals of your company include memorability, continuity, entertainment, lyrical language, targeting, and authority establishment.

Audio and visual clients that trust us with their sound include BMW, Honda, Telstar, Amcor, Kenworth, ANZ, and Mazda just to name a few.

The Power of Music to Unite

While concert halls may remain empty, people have turned to music because it evokes emotion and brings colour and culture to our lives. Despite many feeling the effects of isolation, from anxiety to loneliness, we have witnessed the enormous power of music and sound to calm, unite, and connect us, even when we cannot be together.

Music can be a warm hug, a favourite memory, a raving night out in the kitchen, a gentle encouragement to start the day, or a soothing note in the evening.

Right now is the perfect time for brands to stop and reflect on how to mindfully and effectively introduce their sound to the world. Because right now, people are listening,

In truth, music, and sound connect and inspire us, bringing us together, with a universal language that transcends cultures, people, and geographies. Surely that is the dream for any brand – to be heard, known, and recognised worldwide?