Music for Advertising and Film

Audio Branding Jingle CompositionThe Right Jingles, Music Composers, and Music Licensing are the Keys to Memorable, Effective Ads.

At Big Ears Audio, we are experts at writing and producing music for advertising and audio branding. We explore effective composition techniques for scoring to picture, writing a melody using lyrics/words to create a memorable hook for your jingle.

We have a great relationship with many talented, locally based musicians as well as experienced in-house composers. Our team understands that your audio branding needs to resonate with your demographic and every jingle needs to reflect the unique personality of your company. The categories involved in serving the promotional goals of your company include memorability, continuity, entertainment, lyrical language, targeting, and authority establishment.

Audio and visual clients that trust us with their sound include BMW, Honda, Telstar, Amcor, Kenworth, ANZ, and Mazda just to name a few.

Why Audio Branding A.K.A Sonic Branding

Music composition in advertising is used to affect the perception of the consumers that the company is trying to target. Audio branding communicates with your audience by multiple means and at many levels. Your sonic signature will identify your brand and help build customer loyalty. It also evokes emotion in the listener. The right sound or jingle influences their attitude and feelings about your brand, product, or service. That emotional response is what drives sales and makes audio branding a critical part of your marketing and advertising strategies.

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