Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising is the perfect way to connect with people.

Whether it’s selling a product or sending a message, with radio advertising you have a captive audience.

You love your product. You know every detail, every feature, every innovation that went into it. You love talking about it and you have faith that once everybody else knows all its specs and features, they will too!

You have one chance to grab the listener, and one chance only. In radio advertising, we call this the hook. The hook is what sells the ad. And you have to sell the ad to sell the product.

We’re all relentlessly bombarded a by huge number of other mediums trying to get their message across and it is the most difficult thing to do. To create a radio ad with cut through you must immediately provoke the listeners’ curiosity, imagination or surprise! You have five seconds, and then their minds will start to drift. With the combination of the right voice, script, music and sound effects the picture is painted.

The team at Big Ears Audio can help you craft the perfect radio advertisement. Booking and looking after the voice talent, sourcing and creating sound effects, and creating or licensing music.

Feel free to contact one of our creatives to discuss your next campaign.

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