Shebeen Be Excessively Good TVC

In a very different setting from South Africa’s original shebeens and after years of pop-ups and fundraising, Australia’s first not-for-profit bar has settled down permanently in Melbourne’s Manchester Lane.Along with the inspiration for the bar’s name, the bar’s South African roots grow deep. Venue manager Sharon Custers is from South Africa, while co-director and brains behind the initiative Simon Griffiths also spent some formative years there working on aid projects based around makeshift housing. The staff are knowledgeable and passionate about the charity organisations Shebeen supports and their enthusiasm is infectious.

Big Ears Audio were approached by Melbourne bar Shebeen to create a sonic sound scape that would match the unique atmosphere of the venue. Shebeen is a beach-style bar with a social conscience, and the team at Big Ears Audio wanted to capture the happy, colourful vibe of the bar in the sound scape. To do this, they used TVC music and sound effects to create a lively and upbeat sound track that perfectly complements the fun and friendly vibes of Shebeen. The result is a sound scape that enhances the experience of visiting this unique Melbourne bar.

  • Sound Design ,
  • Sound mix