Sport Victoria “Stamp Out Ugly Behaviour”

  • The Fair Play Code builds on the Victorian Government’s 2010 Victorian Code of Conduct for Community Sport  by encouraging appropriate standards of behaviour to enable every Victorian to be involved in sport that is safe, welcoming and inclusive.The code sends a loud and clear message – that bad behaviour, violence, cheating and intimidation has no place in sport and recreation in our state.With 3.9 million participants, 16,000 sports clubs, 9,500 community sports facilities and 580,000 volunteers – Victorians love their sport.

    That’s why we’re getting on with it through the Fair Play Code – making sure that individuals, clubs, leagues and associations know what to do if they encounter bad behaviour both on and off the sporting field.


    Big Ears Audio were approached by Sport Victoria to soundmix their TVC “Stamp Out Ugly Behaviour”. The TVC features a range of different sports situations where bad behaviour is exhibited by spectators. The voice over for the TVC highlights the potential consequences of this behaviour, such as being banned from attending future games. Big Ears Audio worked to create a sound mix that would effectively showcase the various sports environments featured in the TVC, as well as highlighting the contrast between the good and bad behaviour displayed. The final TVC was well received by Sport Victoria and has helped to raise awareness of the importance of good spectator behaviour.Voice-over Production ,

  • Sound mix