The Team

Tony , Adrian and Lazz are passionate about music and sound , always going that extra mile to create something special. Its true to say they really love what they do. Whether casting and recording a Voice Over or creating and writing music they approach everything with passion and professionalism bringing a wide ranging audio skill set to their clients

The boys are a unique composer combination of pop sense and formal training, equally adept at using electronic synthesisers and techniques, as well as acoustic instruments and objects to realise their creative vision.




Location Recording by Mike Jaballah of Creative Kicks

A Melbourne based location sound recordist who has the experience and knowledge in how to achieve the best sound possible in all situations, saving you time and money in postproduction and avoiding ADR.
Whether it’s recording a film outdoors, live performance in a venue, recording in a studio or overcoming the constant challenges of recording sound on location for TV, a documentary or an interview, he’s mastered the art of recording and mixing in the field.  Big Ears Audio trusts Mike with all their location sound

Creative Kicks is based in Elwood

Our Global Partners

Steven Kai van Betten   

Steven Kai van Betten is a Guitarist/Composer/Improviser,

who is actively involved in the Los Angeles creative music scene.

Yu Miyashita aka Yaporigami

Music & Sound Design Studio Based In Berlin Germany

Benjamin Humphries

Located in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Taj Easton                   

Freelance Composer located in Sacramento, California

Kelly Mac                   

Kelly Mac is a highly esteemed music producer and composer who specializes in modern genres as well as scoring to picture. She is based in New York City and is constantly working on creating a uniquely fresh and commercially successful sound.