Village Cinema 4DX Movie Trailer

Village Cinema 4DX

Sound Design. Sound Mix mixed in 5.1 for Cinema

Creating a sonic brand for Village Cinemas was an exciting challenge. We wanted to create something that would really immerse the audience in the film-going experience. To do this, we mixed the sound in 5.1 and designed it specifically for the Cinema setting. 4DX is the next step in the movie-going evolution taking audiences on a journey into the full feature film. Free yourself from the confines of the flat screen and really feel the film with 4DX! village cinemas are committed to making your cinematic experience as immersive and exciting as possible. Thanks to our sound design, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of all the action. Whether it’s an adventure waiting for you and your friends or simply enjoying your favourite film, we hope you’ll appreciate our sonic brand.