Walk Away Crystal Cut

“Walk Away” Music Track by Crystal Cut @crystalcutband

Written and Produced – Crystal Cut @crystalcutband Recorded – Big Ears Audio Mastered – The Exchange UK Label – BEA Records Director/Producer – Matt Wilson @mattwilsonfilms Edit & Post Producer –Michael Houlahan @the_institute_of_post Flame Artist Jamie Scott @jscott1976 Colourist – Martin Greer @martingreer1111 Vietnam: EP: Lan Pham & Gordon Westman @116pictures Producer: Hoa Nguyen Vietnam Unit Dir: Phu Nguyen DOP & Supervisor: Phuc Phan Cam Op & Editor: Tien Kha Bao Starring: Quynh & Kil ( Young couple) – Kha Nam (Dancer) – Auntie Ha & Uncle Luong Bui ( Old Couple ) PAs: Chow Chow & Ngan Hanh Australia: DOP – Jaque Fisher @jaquefisher DOP – Marc Buckner @markbuckner_photo DOP – Matt Wilson @mattwilsonfilms DOP/Production – Marcus Pizzolato @marcuspizz Prod Manager – Kyahm Ross Dancers – Bella Houlahan & Laura Hesse Couple – Charlie Buckner and Henry Mathison Hostage – Henry Buckley Attacker – Jordan Ouwerkerk

Crystal Cut is an independent band that recently released a new single. To promote the song, the band decided to produce a music video. However, due to the Covid lockdown, they were unable to film the video in the traditional way. Instead, they recruited a team of filmmakers from around the world and asked them to contribute their own interpretation of the song. The result is a unique and diverse video that captures the spirit of the band’s music. Despite the challenges of working remotely, the team was able to come together and deliver a high-quality product.